The A.C.T. System

The "A.C.T." (Assess - Control - Track) System is designed to identify pest problems early, and our experienced pest specialists take care of the rest. We get the job done.

Proactive Property Evaluations and Active Work Orders Assess pest issues on your property.


Our Verified Multi-Product Solution and Proactive Scheduling Control pest problems.

Our Tracking System will Track pest issues and document unsanitary conditions, maintenance concerns, pets in units, and resident cooperation on your property.

 Our System has worked for hundreds of thousands of apartment units across Texas and some of the largest management companies in the country.


Our solution

Using our A.C.T. System, our pest specialists will be able to take care of your community's pest problems and make your life easier.  

Our Action Programs are specifically designed for residences with shared walls, wiring, and plumbing. We will work with you to develop a pest control program that fits your property's specific needs and will save you money over time. See for yourself why other management companies are making the switch.

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Pest Control Action Program

Reduce Resident Requests! 

Our programs are for the management of roaches, silverfish, black ants, pharaoh ants, pavement ants, waterbugs, crickets, and a variety of other common pests. Our company will also handle rodents, bees, fire ants, and crazy ants. We'll even treat for pests that other companies don't, like: Scorpions, Brown Recluse and Black Widow Spiders, and Bed Bugs. These dangerous pests require special attention - but our highly trained technicians can handle the job.

You'll See the Difference

Verified Multi-Product Solution:

  • Ecoteam uses a proprietary combination of products from a leading, national distributor. 
  • Using a variety of products, including dusts, sprays, baits, and aerosols, we are able to control even major pest problems.

Proactive Scheduling System:

  • We provide effective service and save you money by using our Proactive Scheduling System to focus on your community’s specific needs and resident requests.

Proactive Tracking Reports:

  • Our reports track the degree of infestation in each unit and the number of requests in each building.

  • The reports also document unsanitary conditions, maintenance issues, pets in units, and resident cooperation. We are your eyes and ears! 

We Will Save You Money 

Included Services:

  • Discounted Bed Bug treatments are only $189.00 / unit for pest control customers.
  • We Tag Doors for you at no extra charge, making your job easier.

  • We offer perimeter treatments to stop pests outdoors before they become a problem.

  • We treat all residential requests and vacancies on your service day at no extra charge.

Bed Bug Action Program

Bed Bug Badge.png

Bed Bug Treatments & Pricing

We get rid of Bed Bugs. Full stop. Our Bed Bug program is designed to deal with shared walls, wiring, and plumbing in multi-family structures. Not like those other guys. Plus, you'll like our prices. Our Bed Bug Action Programs are $189.00 for the first treatment and include:

  • 4 - Step Treatment with Multiple Active Chemicals.

  • Photo documentation of inspections and treatments.

  • Proactive Inspection Program.

  • Specialized Work Orders in English and Spanish.

  • Service within 48 Hours.

  • 30 Day Warranty.  

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Top Reasons to Choose Us as Your Vendor

1. We're Experts in Apartments. It's all we do. 

Our Action Programs are specifically designed for residences with shared walls, and we have worked with hundreds of top management companies, including some of the largest in the country. We've got you covered.

2. Our "A.C.T." System is Effective.

Our "Assess - Control - Track" (A.C.T.) System will solve your community's pest problems and reduce resident complaints and requests for service.  

3. Reputation Matters.

Our Action Programs have worked for hundreds of thousands of apartment units, and we have a reputation for keeping residents and managers happy with our "Get Happy" Customer Service Guarantee. 

4. Proactive Tracking Reports.

Our Tracking Reports will identify pest problems on your property and document unsanitary conditions, maintenance issues, pets in units, and resident cooperation. 

5. Budget-Friendly & Effective. Problem Solved.

We know how to take care of communities on a budget. That's why our Bed Bug treatments - typically a budgeting concern for managers - start at only $189 / unit. Let us prove to you that we can make a difference for your community and your bottom line.